connected with the layer below

Connected with the layer below – crayon/charcoal on paper april 2014

Things are connected – everything is connected but don’t get me wrong I’not talking about the Mumbo-Jumbo of the New-Age spiritual quantum mechanics. It’s all fairly simple, the artworks I make are all part of a bigger world. You can see a drawing of mine individually but together with another drawing of mine it will show their relationship. And the relationship that’s me, their creator.

I create my works and my works create me.

For what I envision and dream about. The drawings are my ideas come to life. An idea is nothing, only if it comes to life by word, picture or sound. Ideas have to be spread around like a virus. Especially the good ideas, the human ideas. Therefore I want to make art that’s as human as possible. The spirit of the human being crystallized on a sheet of paper.

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