The slow selfie made with a pinhole camera.

Slow Selfie Joost GerritsenAs never before has the selfie, or self portrait, been so prominent. With a touch on the screen we make a photo and with another one we show it to the world.

Photography has come a long way and will go forward still. In ways unseen. It wouldn’t surprise me if we wear our camera annex mobile phone in our clothing in the coming years. Or wear tattoos, electronics directly connected with our nerve system.

As a reaction to the fast, unlimited way of making selfies and other digital photos I worked on some low tech selfies.

I’m participating at the moment in a photography exhibition and I made especially for this exhibition a dozen or so selfies made with the most basic photo camera of all the pinhole camera. I wanted to make a different photo. A slow selfie,  a photo that takes time. A photo that has to sink in and simmer for a while before it comes to full age.

The slow selfie was made with a low tech camera. A pinhole camera made out of clay. A basic material without any material value. A simple ceramic box with a tiny hole on the front.

The process of making a pinhole selfie takes time. First you have to build the camera. Secondly you put the photo sensitive paper into the camera in the dark room. And then you go outside and make your slow selfie. (which means, sitting still for 2 minutes!!) Thus after exposing the paper to the light for a minute or two you develop the it in the dark room. If you’ve done all this correctly and in the right order.. you finally can admire the end result. A dreamy black and white slow selfie photo!

In the end I made about twenty selfies. As the photo’s from the pinhole camera is in negative, you have to change it to let it be more “natural”. That’s the high teck part. I inverted the black and white of the slow selfie in Photoshop and finally printed them.





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