projection joost gerritsen

Projection – Charcoal – 50 x 65 cm

During the process of making a piece I imagine how it would be like if I made a certain action. Starting off with a general idea of what I want to create I try to visualize how the parts drawn on the paper would react on each other.
Projecting my vision on the canvas or paper is on a very deep level. You need concentration to do so, to take as much into account as possible.  envisioning how my actions will contribute, how it will influence the piece of work.

The projections of my thoughts and the reality is never the same, it’s hardly impossible. The world of my thoughts is made of other stuff then paint or charcoal. But still I can create an image in my head. An idea that keeps me on the right track.

In the end, the strange thing is, that the idea is not that important anymore. It becomes far more complex then your original thought. You can have the idea of drawing an elephant, but when you’ve done so, you suddenly notice that the elephant became something else.
It became more then just the drawing of an elephant. It became a projection of your relation with the image of an elephant. So it is with abstract ideas too.


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