Triangle - charcoal on Paper - 65 x 50 cm

Triangle – charcoal on Paper – 65 x 50 cm

I don’t seek for a particular story. stories are a burden, they  have the tendency to stand between the painting itself and the observer. I don’t want to tell a story with my paintings. Most of all  it’s far more important to give the painting potential.

We are used to abstract things, but we let us selves lure into a world full of stories. Yes I love stories to, but they should be told by storytellers. Even written words are abstract, When I read Turkish, I will see the letters in front of me, nice they are in every font, but I can’r read them. To me they are abstract forms without a literal meaning. I can enyou there rhythm. A word with two letters, one with five, another one with seven. Just letters with white space. This is the abstract core.

Because of meaning we can forget the beauty of a word, a shape a natural sound. Let us look at a word like LAVA, it’s a nice word to look at. But if you know how to pronounce it the word gets a different level. And if you know what LAVA is, you get a picture in your head. The abstraction of the word vanishes.

So with colour and paint, with drawings and paintings. Figurative and abstract art. I prefer the later. The painting that’s on it’s own, naked without the cloak of anecdotes, conditions, agreements and social customs. Without connection to the outer world.

Is it doable ? I don’t think so, but I try.

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