Opening Exhibition Atarazanas

arte en la atarazana joost gerritsen

The exhibition at the Atarazana in Valencia was opened by the council member of culture in Valencia. A young women who really took interest in the works that where on show. She asked every artists about their work and expressed her feelings and ideas about her favourites.

Something that’s great because more often then not people are to polite on exhibitions and discussions rarely exceed the level of “I like that work, yaks the wine is awful…”
There was no wine though this time everybody was forced to look at the works sober and with a clear eye. The whole show had works on display of twelve artists from who two where guists. The other ten (including me) are part of a group, called Grup Arreu. The artists of Grup Arreu are : Manolo Gil, Jesús Albaladejo, Javier P. Vaquer, Dani Granero, Jordi Gamón, Juan Llorca, Andrada, Joost Gerritsen, Rebeka Català and Andrés Carrasco.

It’s great to see so many different styles com together in an exhibition, the freedom to walk from one realm into another. Different worlds together in one big hall. The Atarazana was used as a ship yard in the past. The Drassanes as it’s called in Valenciano was built in the IV century in a Gothic style. The building that definitely has it’s own grandeur is placed on a list of protected architecture in Spain.

The exhibition will be there till the end of November. So if your in the neighbourhood of the harbour of Valencia, don’t miss it because it’s a great exhibition with lots of works to discover.


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