Last week I sold a drawing to neighbour and although he is an open minded person he never bought an art work in his life. He hadn’t a clue about the price of art or how it’s made. Only his curiosity drove him to his decision to buy an artwork. The drawing he bought from me was the first art work he ever bought in his life ( he’s close to 65 I guess.)

He’s been in all kinds of places and has seen many things in his life, worked as an immigrant when things where bad in Spain ( worse then the crisis that’s hitting Spain now) , been a farmer, a city dweller and in between.

The house where I’m living in belonged to him actually, we bought it from him 7 years ago. We’re still good friends and he gives us olive oil at times or broad beans.

Today asked me if I wanted to paint a painting with Don Quixote as a theme, in my own way. I love the man, how Spanish can a theme be…. Maybe only a Gypsy with Child or a Flamenco dancer can beat it.

The Virus Scanner

The Virus Scanner

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