Decomposing an art work

There is something strange in dismantling an artwork. It’s like working in reverse. A film going backwards.
I had to dismantle a couple of works for the show “By the way” in the Lewisham Art House, London. As all the works had to travel with me in an old suitcase.

The suitcase almost became a part of the work as I carefully disassemble the works and try to fit them in. Like an old jigsaw puzzle. Some pieces of the work are wrapped in bubble wrap others carefully placed in envelopes or plastic kitchen bags. The art pieces that once hung separately on the wall now come together in the tiny space of a suitcase. 

Some parts even undergo a short relationship with parts from different art works. Becoming more intimate. The whole suitcase becomes a melting pot of artworks. Imagine all the vibrations going wild trying to connect with neighbouring pieces, trying to reform a new conglomerate of artworks.

I hope I can make Humpty Dumpty whole again!


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