Battle Worn

battle worn eco art joost gerritsen

Battle worn.

Bit by bit my drawings are becoming more spacial. Not that I would call my new sculptures 3d drawings but they share similarities. I guess it’s inevitable as they are made by the same artist Joost Gerritsen (that’s me..).

The drawings and sculptures do have a a couple of things in common. As for the creation process, both are improvisations up to a point. It’s all a matter of making choices. Choices based upon a inner need to articulate the visual language I have to my disposal as good as I can.

With the drawings I thought my way through the vocabulary of line,shape, colour, rhythm and direction. So do I as well with the new sculptures. The great thing with the new work is that if you work 3 dimensional you ad texture and thickness to the list.

Of course the new sculptures I recently made are not based exclusively upon the formal aspects of 3d work. There is much more at hand. Things that are difficult to describe as they form the real existential ground for the magic of art. Feelings, emotions and unconscious though processes.

The works are made through a series of decisions. Starting with a base and adding or removing elements to the original core of the work. Working my way through an emotional landscape. What feels right, and what doesn’t. Going with the momentum of the process of creating the art work.

Slowly the concept of the artwork presents itself. I’ve worked the other way around as well. starting of with a concept and then visualising and creating the work of art. But with these sculptures I want to go on a journey, starting of with only a feeling. During the work process the work changes many directions until it finely knows who or what it is.




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