Funky Improvisation.

Funky Improvisation.

To make an improvisation painting is one of the most frighting but exciting things I can imagine. Starting with an empty canvas and only a slither of an idea.

In this case I wanted to have two vertical forms dominating the picture. Starting with the white P and the thick black vertical stroke. After those two decisions the forms ask for more and an story starts to unfold.

I wanted the improvisation painting to be like a musical realm. A space where music lives. Rhythm, volume and individual pieces making up the scenery. As the canvas itself is a space where painted forms live I gave it a perspective as well to define the area.

Like the big white P was a start of thinking in the direction of a Funky Improvisation painting. So I painted the pink around the blue crown like a Afro hair do! I also needed the gold paint as I was thinking about the Black Moses. His bold shiny scalp of Isaac Hayes deflecting the stage lights. I wanted a Funky painting. Lines and colours creating a lighthearted painting.

The process of making an improvisation painting.

The scary thing with starting an improvisation painting is that you have to go to places you’ve never been to. Opening up and let the paint, colors and lines speak for themselves. I love to use more materials on a canvas as it enriches the language I can use. The thin lines drawn with charcoal are in contrast with the black oil paint scraped on the painting with a credit card. All decisions I take are a combination of gut feeling and understanding.

I can not always justify my actions, I do them because they feel good. But a lot of actions I can back up with reasoning at the time. Later on it will be impossible for me to recall the why. But the end result will judge if I have acted wisely. When the painting is great, I have, if it is rubbish, I have not!

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