We are a plastic bag.

Our biggest mistake yet.

We have separated ourselves from nature. I’m not an historian, but even for them it would be difficult to pinpoint the moment where we stepped outside the game and placed ourselves above or beside the rest of the natural world.

For sure, lots of religions are to blame for giving the humans a special role. To “rule” over the animal kingdom and to use the natural resources as they pleased.

It’s easy though to blame a religion, philosophy or social framework and brand it as the root of all problems. It is more helpful, but far more difficult  to start admitting a mistake and to change a behaviour.

We have to look at ourselves again and to admit and see that our bodies are made from the same stuff as trees are made from, where stones and stars are made from. This realisation is essential for the relationship we have to reshape. The relationship between mankind and the world around us. The world as us.

The same can be said about everything we make.

The stuff we make and break and throw away.

We started out making tools from wood, bone and stone. Now we make tools from silicon and plastic, gold and rubber. But what essentially is the difference between mortar and pestle and a mobile phone? Both are in the end made of stardust. Both are part of nature.

As when a mobile phone stops working and is thrown away it is immobile just like the stone it lays next to. And it will be intergrated with the rest of nature.

This doesn’t give us an excuse to throw things away. You can do, but throwing a plastic bag in the woods is like throwing it in your own face and chew it. As not only is the plastic bag part of nature. You are too. And so is everything we make.

The things we make is what we are.





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