Where does inspiration come from?

a sketch book, a great inspiration for my art.

Book of Inspiration : Drawings for ceramic sculptures. © Joost Gerritsen 2017

How does inspiration manifest itself ?

As for the magic word inspiration, it’s a slippery word. It suggests that there’s something happening before the creative process. It sounds as if there is a magical force that starts and is responsible for an action. Coming out of the blue like a virtual particle popping into existence (and before you know it out of existence as well…)

Perhaps it was true in this case. Often you can trace back the ideas that came with the moment of inspiration. In this case however the moment and the source of the idea was more difficult to track down. I dreamt it.

I dreamt about a funnel-like shape attached to a horizontal plane. The funnel acted as a black hole sucking up balls of different shades and colours. There was a playful element in it all. As if the device was meant to be used in a medieval sports game. Or a module for a scientific explanation of a obscure theory.

A dream can be as strong as a revelation. An emotion so overwhelming that it creates an image in your head that’s still there if you wake up. I dreamt about the funnel, but when I was working in my studio I knew that it was not enough. A funnel alone was just a shape, a nice one, but it had no context. To create a context you need at least two entities that communicate with each other.

I needed a form that would show of the beauty and smoothness of the funnel form, something rough. In the end I found the tree like structure with a bark as a fine counter shape. The funnel will be created smoothly with the potters wheel. The trunk like structure will be shaped out of crude clay. Raw and almost childlike. It will give the funnel a purpose. The red ball will connect the two opposite shapes and tell the story.



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