The secret notebook of the artist.

The secret notebook of an artist

The secret notebook…

My secret Notebook.

There is probably nothing more private and intimate then the secret notebook of an artist. In the age of Facebook and Google secret notebooks and love letters are a thing of the past. Everything online is in the open. Privacy is a sentiment that had it’s last days.

Still every artist, and I bet not only artists, needs a private place to let her or his ideas grow. Ideas need time, they grow slowly like plants and need to be watered regularly. A notebook is like fertile ground, a place where ideas have the time and the space to develop and come to age.

The secret notebook gives the artist the possibility to create without the pressure of the public’s eye. It’s content is seldom seen, only friends get a rare chance to have a quick look in the secret notebook when they happen to be in the studio of the artist.

I don’s show my notebook, the photo above is an exception. Normally they are kept away safely. They are full of ideas, visual notes in a language that appeals to me. The drawings in the secret notebook are not meant to be finished, they are visual experiments. Virtual artworks, ideas for artworks but aren’t developed yet. Most of the drawings are visual mental notes, experiments. The idea is vaguely present in my head, then I translate it and put it on paper and if it ripens it will finally become an independent artwork.

The magic of the secret notebook.

The notebook full of ideas is like a magical spell book. The creativity of the ideas combined makes them even stronger. It’s almost as if the ideas are on prohibition. They are not allowed outside the notebook and they become tense, concentrated. Once you open a page they want to flee and find a new home. They are screaming to be nurtured and developed. A concentration of ideas is dangerous, sometimes you can not distinguish one idea from another and then you mix them up. Not a good idea in general, the artwork based upon to many ideas becomes like a mixture of ten different wines. It becomes a reasonable table wine at best instead of a great Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 1992.

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