Festival ConFusion Benimaclet Valencia

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Out of the box – Joost Gerritsen – 2014

Festival ConFusion Benimaclet

On the 15th and 16th October there will be an amazing festival in Benimaclet – Valencia. I’m participating in a group exhibition of Grup Arreu and we came up with the idea to focus on the human rights.

Benimaclet ConFusion is an event that takes place in the Valencian neighbourhood Benimaclet. During the festival visitors can have a look inside the many houses and buildings that open their doors for artists to show their work.

What does Festival ConFusion Benimaclet have on show ?

The festival shows work from all the disciplines of the arts, from painting to dance and from poetry to juggling. Works can be seen on the street, balconies, homes, schools and galleries. We show our works in the “Escuela Meme“.

As for the works; I had to dig deep into my archive of drawings. It’s amazing what you find, some works you thought where lost, others that you hardly remember. I found a couple of drawings, some new, some old that will fit into the theme “human rights”. sadly enough I had not had the time to make new work as all the new work is at the Atarazanas exhibition at the moment.

The idea is to make a joint piece of work consisting of different portraits and faces. These will put together and organized in a smooth circle. All the people become one. As a huge network of connections between portraits painted in different styles and techniques showing the difference. The eclectic work will show how diverse humanity is. Celebrating it’s diversity.

The works I will show at Festival ConFusion Benimaclet are a couple of drawings where people are deformed to show their emotional state of being. The portrait on blue has a primitive feel to it although it’s depicting a man in a suit. The question you can ask is does the suit suits him?

The picture above is a much more dreamy drawing, although not directly a nice dream. But one of deformations, wounds, small rooms and monsters lurking in the corners. My drawings are not censored, they give away there secrets for free, the fears and hopes of a human being.

And what is art but one of the most fundamental parts of a human being. The freedom of expression in any form, or as point 27a states it in the universal declaration of human rights:
Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits. And that’s what we promote.


Man in a Suit. – Joost Gerritsen – 2015





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