The gold nugget experiment 2016 - Joost Gerritsen - 2016

The gold nugget experiment 2016 – Joost Gerritsen – 2016

Tomorrow I will show some work in the Atarazanas in Valencia. It will be a balanced choice between old and new work. A mixture of drawings, paintings and ceramic sculptures.

The exhibition is ten artists strong. Grup Arreu. An artist collective based in Valencia. The group represents a wide spectrum of the arts of today. From Figurative to conceptual art up to abstract paintings and drawings.

As for my own drawings, I notice that more and more I prefer to let loose and only concentrate on the form and feeling itself. Abstract as some may call it.

I don’t think abstract work really exists, it’s an impossibility. Everything has a vibe as soon as it’s created. Abstraction only exists in the mind, like mathematics.

The drawings become a language with a personal vocabulary that is open for everybody to read. Like you read music with your ears so you have to read my drawings with your eyes.

The new ceramic work which I will show in the Atarazanas are based upon drawings. Little sketches made in a private note book. It’s fascinating to see how a small sketch can be transformed into a 3 dimensional work. It becomes completely different but still it is related. Belonging to the same family.

I’ve never had this feeling before. To me my paintings and my drawings where two different worlds, far apart. It is strange as you would suspect that they are closer to each other as both are art forms that dwell in the realm of the flat surface. Still the line and the cable are closer together then the charcoal line and the brush stroke.

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