Shoping list for Raku clay

shoping list ceramics

I’m a complete Raku newbie. I’ve followed two workshops and thought that that should be enough to make me a pro. Bluff your way through… nope doesn’t work always. Apparently you need a special clay when firing Raku. What the hack…I only discovered this when I had thrown a couple of pots and had them bisque fired by my teacher.

I told her proudly that they were meant for a Raku session and she almost got a heart atack! No, no ,no vale. She explained to me that for Raku you need special clay. Clay that can withstand the extreme temperature shock. From the hot kiln into the saw dust bath.

So she gave me a list with different types of clay that were suitable for Raku firing. Some were finer and good for throwing, others better for modelling. This was all handy information. And as I had just watched the BBC throw down show I was really excited and ready to go. The very next day I drove to the ceramic shop and bought myself a couple of packs of clay. This time the right ones.

Now it’s up to me and my imagination!!!


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