Low tech experiment to find the Art Particle.

low tech experiment to measure art particles.

A low tech experiment to measure art particles.

The Art Particle – A Low Tech Experiment.

There is a way to find out to measure the concentration of the art particle per cubic meter. There has to be. I’m convinced that you don’t need an incredible expensive device to measure the art particle that’s why I started building a low tech instrument.

The low tech experiment consist of the ceramic device pictured on the left. With the device I try to find out the level of radiation the art particle is transmitting. Knowing by experience and countless encounters with art objects I’m convinced of the existence of the art particle.

The higher the level of radiation of art particles an object or poem contains, the more unique and special the art object becomes. The art particle though is not a stand alone particle but highly interacts with other forces which makes the search for individual art particles more complicated. But with this low tech experiment I hope to find some more questions.

The more you zoom into the world of the art particles the more you will find white noise. The distracting elements like commercial value, fame and the age of the art work can easily influence the measurement of the art particle in a negative and biased way. To focus on the most honest and pure form of the art particle I made a listening device that contains the possibility of interacting with the art field.

The art field itself surrounds the object and the observer. As with classic quantum mechanics, the observer is part of the experimental process. He/she can not be seen separate of the measurement of the art particle. The same with the device that will start the communication process with the art particles. The object has to be an artwork in itself to get in tune with the resonance of the art particles. The question that’s still unresolved is : who will measure the quantity of art particles that is radiated by the measuring device!



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