Hazardous level adjustment.

28 Sep 2016 | Ceramics

There is a fragile border between drawing and three dimensional objects. As big or as small as a line differs from a point, I would even argue that a point and a line are further apart then a line and a string. There is suddenly a huge difference though as with a line all is safe and sound but a string has a shadow. A line on itself and depending on the light source it can have more then one shadow, making it a complete different thing.

The work “a hazardous level adjustment” shows the strangeness that arise when two and three dimensional ideas fight for the same space. They are as connected as can be, overlapping and complementing each other. The entanglement of color and loving shades, forms demanding space and reaching out gives the work it’s special character.

It’s great to see the work in its final stage after a process of sketches, changes and moulding of the clay, transforming the non dimensional thought into a two dimensional and at last into a three dimensional work.

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