A ceramic pinhole camera. Earth and Light.

ceramic pinhole camera - the foundation.A ceramic pinhole camera.

Today I started a new work. The piece will be shown in the Sala de Exposiciones “Pintor Rafael Calduch” in Villar del Arzobispo in December. It will be a part of an installation based upon photography.

As we live in a world where almost every action is documented by a photo made with our mobile phone I wanted to go back to the basics. The camera obscura. As for the materials you couldn’t go more elementary then clay. A material that bares in it’s foundation the earth. Almost the opposite of a photo that is made by light particles bouncing off a surface.

The pinhole camera will be made out of clay, it’s form simple and no nonsense, showing the bare qualities of clay. It’s robust, sturdy and blunt characteristics. The Camera Obscura will be made without any tools. I want the clay literately having the touch and feel of being made by a human being. Kneaded clay, with the reminiscence of finger prints.

The idea is to make with this ceramic pinhole camera photos of other clay objects. Catching the form and shadows of human made forms. The light caught on paper will change the object into a flat image. From clay to light. An interaction between sculpture and a photograph.

The principle of the ceramic pinhole camera.

The ceramic pinhole camera is based on the simple principle of a dark box with a tiny hole. Through the hole the light will pass and project the image of the outside world upside down on a piece of paper with a light sensitive coating. The paper will be developed in a dark room. You need two chemicals, one to develop the pictures reaction that it had with light particles, the other to stop the process.

The installation that I will show in Villar del Arzobispo will contain the ceramic pinhole camera and the photo’s made by the camera. Together they will bring us back to the magic process of photography. As to rediscover the world of a picture, how it’s made and what it contains. A process now so easily done by a mobile phone!


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