Joost Gerritsen latest work shows spacial constructions made from a wide range of used and found materials. An environmental approach that connects with his self sustainable way of living. His personal and extensive visual language shows us traces of science, poetry and alchemy.

The cloud of ideas.


I prefer to use the metaphor of a cloud. A cloud drifts on the wind but has no defined edges. I create a cloud or two. Each with it’s own ideas. Cars belong to the transportation cloud, pain belongs to the fear cloud. But the most interesting clouds are those with concepts without a name or label.

Those are the clouds I use when I create my work. I create a cloud with concepts. Some ideas belong to the cloud others don’t. Some ideas are spot in the centre, others are dwelling on the periphery.

But slowly like a group of dolphins hunting for a school of sardines I encircle the cloud and let it materialize bit by bit.

So what is my latest work about?

With my latest works I want to give rubbish a voice. Everything speaks, mumbles, sings or shouts. But often the voices are not heard. As the objects blend in with there surrounding. A spoon does not sing as it’s in the kitchen drawer. A chair does not grumble when it’s placed besides a table.

Only when objects are set in a different habitat they start to talk, sing and dance. I want my latest sculptures to reach out and talk, shout or whisper.

I can control the stories they tell by combining the objects together in a certain constellation. They find their voice and start to communicate with you.

I started to use thrown away objects, worthless pieces of material. Outcasted and done by our society. Pieces of worn out plastic, bits of metal, broken rope or string.

I want to use used materials as well because I do not want to buy stuff. There is great stuff to be found in the 1$ shop or the DIY shop but I don’t want to promote the disposable society.

I think it’s important for the environment to use what is already made and used and give it a second meaning in it’s life. More and more I find myself emotionally drawn to an ecologically sound life. You can call my art work eco-art or environmental art, that’s fine. But beware that labelling is always easy and art is more complex then a name.

So if you want a short artist statement it would be something like this:

I make objects constructed from used materials, often already decomposed. And by combining and rearranging all this stuff I give rubbish their poetry.

The whole process and it’s end product is incredibly intuitive.

Joost Gerritsen 2017

The Lab – Mixed Media – 2017