Joost Gerritsen

Would we still make plastic bags if we considered them as a part of nature.

I caught myself some nature.


The game is on.

Mmm. how should I explain the rules and make everything crystal clear.
There must be a simple way.
What do you think?

The poetry of slow time.

There is a beauty in forgotten objects. They tell us who we are. They tell a story about our relationship with the daily things that surround us. .
What used to be a chair made for humans changes into an object happily talking to the wilderness it was thrown in. By time the relationship between the chair and a human changes. It becomes translucent, and stretches. It starts a new life.

The truth and the abstract self.

Fake news is on every bodies lips.
The selfie and the fast social media.
What did we sacrifice?
And what did we get in return?

When nature and art collide.

I want to come close to nature, integrate it in my works. Fuse nature with man made things. I try to find the holes in the border of artificiality and the natural world. And wonder if there is really a distinction between the two realms. The interesting things happen when the two elements connect and communicate with each other in a self explanatory way.

Joost Gerritsen Blog

And then I Spoke.

  And then I spoke.Not with a human word, it wouldn’t fit. But I reply, I try to formulate an answer that will be understood. How do I explain the beauty of rust to a tin can, or respond to a question asked by a dying pine? A car track shows me what was here. I offer...

We are a plastic bag.

  Our biggest mistake yet. We have separated ourselves from nature. I'm not an historian, but even for them it would be difficult to pinpoint the moment where we stepped outside the game and placed ourselves above or beside the rest of the natural world. For sure,...

Composing a new soul out of shattered identities.

I feel the rock trying to puncture my shoes. I have to be careful where to place my next step. The unmovable rock helps me as I'm unable to walk without thinking. Walking without looking isn't an option. The land is dry, it hasn't rained for months and the thorns,...

The Lab

Battle Worn

Battle worn. Bit by bit my drawings are becoming more spacial. Not that I would call my new sculptures 3d drawings but they share similarities. I guess it's inevitable as they are made by the same artist Joost Gerritsen (that's me..). The drawings and sculptures do...

The visual consequences of changing the destination

As you set out for Ithaka hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.*  It's not were you go, it's not were your coming from but it's what's in between the starting point and destination.  I changed my course, but still I'm sailing on the same...

Diogenes Syndrome – the art of collecting stuff.

  The Diogenes Syndrome - living in a barrel full of stuff! The other day I was talking with an artists friend Andrada about an upcoming exhibition. The idea was to step into the world of people with a Diogenes Syndrome. People who convulsively collect stuff,...

Shoping list for Raku clay

I’m a complete Raku newbie. I’ve followed two workshops and thought that that should be enough to make me a pro. Bluff your way through… nope doesn’t work always. Apparently you need a special clay when firing Raku. What the hack…I only discovered this when I had...

Where does inspiration come from?

How does inspiration manifest itself ? As for the magic word inspiration, it's a slippery word. It suggests that there's something happening before the creative process. It sounds as if there is a magical force that starts and is responsible for an action. Coming out...
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