Nature and Art. Two friends that go a long way back.

One way or another we have to look at ourselves and the relationship we have with what surrounds us.

The core of our being is embedded in nature. Physically, emotionally and social.

We leave traces behind us as we go our way. Some dissolve after a rainstorm, others are buried for thousands of years.

 A matter of belief systems.

We tell stories, we tell myths and create new worlds to understand the one we live in.

Stories tell us who we are and how we relate to each other and the stuff that surrounds us.

The stuff we’re made off

Joost Gerritsen latest work shows spacial constructions made from a wide range of used and found materials. An environmental approach that connects with his self sustainable way of living. His personal and extensive visual language shows us traces of science, poetry and alchemy.

The nature of things.

With my latest works I want to give thrown away objects a voice. Everything speaks, mumbles, sings or shouts. But often the old voices are not heard. They are cast away, seen as obsolete in a society that yearns for new updates and shiny things.

In my latest sculptures I bring the lost souls together and let them tell their story. Together they emerge and become something new.

I want to awaken their soul.

The Nature Of Things

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We are a plastic bag.

  Our biggest mistake yet. We have separated ourselves from nature. I'm not an historian, but even for them it would be difficult to pinpoint the moment where we stepped outside the game and placed ourselves above or beside the rest of the natural world. For sure,...

Composing a new soul out of shattered identities.

I feel the rock trying to puncture my shoes. I have to be careful where to place my next step. The unmovable rock helps me as I'm unable to walk without thinking. Walking without looking isn't an option. The land is dry, it hasn't rained for months and the thorns,...

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